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"OMROOK" Stand for "Peacefull Progress"

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First we have started IndiaLocalShop.com for Indian consumers and Omrook.com for more B2B and International focused.

We are one-of-its-kind online platform, featuring an exclusive range of utility products for all industrial purposes. Omrook began its operations during 2017, with an objective to inculcate and introduce the concept of industrial supply chains in India. Currently our website maintains a fully catalogued collection of over 2.5 thousands SKUs, from brands across global geographies.

Since advent in 2017, we have rapidly increased our business and market value by offering optimum solutions to the nation’s industrial community. In essence, Omrook has transformed its identity from a mere E-commerce enterprise to a community, where sellers and consumers meet and explore the lucrative opportunities of online trading.

Our Vision 

Through Omrook, we seek to bring a revolutionary change in the industrial supply operations on national and global scale. While our mission is to bridge the gap between consumers and B2B merchants, our vision bespeaks formation of an exclusive online-trade ecosystem, which caters to the diverse needs of buyers and sellers.

StartUp India
Our  team have selected in startup India and we thanks to our country and state for this valuable contribution to serve to our country and people, Many goverment policy helps us in different stages, 
We also thanks of many officers of industrial department of state & our country, he helped us on to get this posiong and alwarys try to help us.